Stefflon Don Returns With Feisty Banger “Move”


Stefflon Don Returns With Feisty Banger “Move”

Stefflon Don’s ‘HIT ME up’

With female rappers rewriting the record books on an almost-weekly basis, it’s only fitting that Stefflon Don returns for a piece of the pie. The Brit, who made huge waves in 2017 with “Hurtin’ Me,” bounces back from a mini-hiatus with a bone-rattling banger called “Move.” Produced by Troyton, this is the 28-year-old’s way of reminding the music world of her credentials. “All the drug dealers feel me, the presidents wanna meet me,” she spits in a verse. “All the girls in the city, get pretty, then pay to see me.”

By the time the chorus arrives, Stefflon is still firing shots. “Grab the hoes up like a ponytail, they don’t like me but I still wish ’em well,” she raps in her English accent. “I ain’t perfect but I promise I won’t do you wrong, loyalty before the sun or have my money long.” What prompted the song? “‘Move’ is inspired by the old me, the Steff that the world was first introduced to,” the rapper reveals in the press release. “I felt like it was needed to come back with something hype, feisty and rooted.” Watch the eye-popping video below.

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