The Vamps’ 5th Album Takes Shape With “Chemicals”


The Vamps’ 5th Album Takes Shape With “Chemicals”

The Vamps returned in August with a new single called “Married In Vegas.” That rollicking love song set the tone for the UK band’s fifth album, Cherry Blossom, which is more rock and less pop than their previous offerings. They now follow it up with another ripper called “Chemicals.” “Swimming in a pool of people, the only one I see is you,” Brad Simpson begins the summery track. “All these bodies dancing, but it’s like we’re standing in an empty room.” That takes us to the slick, sing-along chorus.

“So give me that summertime, sweet like caramel,” he sings. “The way that you get me high is something like, something like chemicals.” Why did The Vamps choose “Chemicals” as their next single? “[It’s] a really important track for us, it’s essentially the DNA of the album and so a real indicator of what the Cherry Blossom sound is,” Brad explains. “The response to ‘Married in Vegas’ has been incredible so far, we can’t wait to share more of this chapter of the band with you.” Pre-order Cherry Blossom here.

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