Thirsty Worldwide’s “No Too Much” Is Today’s Must-Hear


Thirsty Worldwide’s “No Too Much” Is Today’s Must-Hear

“No Too Much” is Thirsty Worldwide’s new song that is beautifully executed with over 20K streams on Spotify. The music video for “No Too Much” is done in faded pastel colors allowing for Thirsty Worldwide vocals to shine all the more brighter. Upbeat and lively, this is a song for millions to enjoy.

Thirsty Worldwide is a creative collective from Lagos, Nigeria. Its members are Straffitti, Jaiye, and Kxngwuap, three college friends who have been making music together for the past three years. “Running”, “Serious Damage” and “James Harden” are some of their most popular releases. The collective will soon drop their first album called Thirsty Tape Vol. 1 with hopefully Vol. 2 not far behind.

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