Untrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby Trailer


Untrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby Trailer

You think you know Lil Baby…

After its premiere at the Tribeca Music Festival, Lil Baby’s upcoming documentary, The Story Of Lil Baby, is previewed in its epic trailer.

The two-minute video shows raw and never-seen-before footage of the 21-year-old rapper and commentary by Drake and Young Thug. The film will follow the Grammy-winning artist’s journey from his hard upbringing in Atlanta to stardom.

“I’m blessed to be able to tell my story and have people care to hear it,” says Lil Baby. “This film is a real look into my journey, and if it inspires even one person to believe that they can get through hard stuff and dare to follow a dream, then it was worth every penny spent and hour worked. My story is many people’s story and I’m excited to share it.”

Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby premieres August.26 on Amazon Prime Video.

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