Video: Fabolous Ft. Dave East “Bach To Bach”


Video: Fabolous Ft. Dave East “Bach To Bach”

Back to back like Curry ’17, ’18.

Fabolous and Dave East reunite on their long-awaited collaboration, “Bach To Bach”. The track was first teased late last year in a preview of its upcoming video.

Over a sample from Loose End’s “You Can’t Stop The Rain”, Loso raps sets it off over Sonaro’s soulful loop. “They gave me hassle back when we used to capsule crack / Now I’m shitting on ’em just to pay them assholes back/ “Quarterback life, people wanna pass you sacks / Matte black Maybach, I named it Matt Hasselbeck”, raps Fab. Dave mimics his collaborator’s clever wordplay, rapping, “Ain’t going back and forth with niggas, I don’t battle rap / Safari Air Max in the jungle, match with the habitat / If you need a brick stepped on, I know whеre some Kappas at / Lost homies, twistеd my mental, just gettin’ back from that.”

Along with the release, the Street Heat Films finds the two pulling up in their Maybachs along the New York City skyline before riding the luxury cars throughout The Big Apple.

The pair previously collaborated on Jim Jones and DJ Drama’s “Fit Lit (Betty White)“. Fab recently released his new “Easy Freestyle“, while Dave East is fresh off the release of his “The People (East Mix)“.

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