Leon Bridges and John Mayer Share on 'Inside Friend'


Leon Bridges and John Mayer Share on 'Inside Friend'

Leon Bridges and John Mayer are bonafide crooners on their own. But when you put these two talents together, some romantic slow jam magic happens.

“Inside Friend” marks Bridges and Mayer’s first collaboration together. It’s three minutes of supple sonic flow with a sensual guitar solo mixed in. The new song will keep cohabitating partners hold each other a little closer. And the lyrics emphasize staying at home, which keeps it current with the times.

“The concept for ‘Inside Friend’ came about from Mayer and I joking around in the studio about what an ideal date for an introvert or homebody like myself would be,” Bridges said in a statement. “I tour most of the year, so I’d rather invite a gal over to lounge comfortably in the crib as opposed to go out somewhere crowded.”

He added: “‘Inside Friend’ stayed on the backburner for a while because it didn’t fit within the context of my third project, but the current state we’re in globally compelled us to dig this back up and finish it. I hope people find it soothing and uplifting while we hole up indoors and get through this.”

The new track follows Bridges’ 2020 release, Texas Sun EP with Khrungabin this past February. And this is the first we’ve heard from Mayer since his solo track, “Carry Me Away” back in 2019.

Listen to Bridges’ “Inside Friend” featuring Mayer below:

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