Album: Brent Faiyaz ‘Larger Than Life’

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Album: Brent Faiyaz ‘Larger Than Life’


Brent is back.

Brent Faiyaz is doing big things and he is doing it even bigger with his latest album, Larger Than Life.

For his unexpected release, the Columbia, Maryland singer unleashes 14 tracks including the previously released “Wy@” and the alluring collaboration with Coco Jones “Moment Of Your Life“. Other tracks include “Forever Yours”, “Best time”, “Where I Go”, “Pistachios”, and more.

Missy Elliott makes a rare appearance with “Last One Left” alongside Lil Gray, A$AP Rocky joins N3WYRKLA for “Outside All Night”, while Babyface Ray assists on “Belong To You”. Other guests include A$AP Ant, CruddyMurda, FLEE, Princess Cro, TTM Dawg, Tommy Richman, and FELIX!

Larger Than Life marks Brent’s first project of the year following his critically-acclaimed Wasteland album last year.

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