Coi Leray Ft. Busta Rhymes “Players (Remix)”

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Coi Leray Ft. Busta Rhymes “Players (Remix)”


As Coi Leray’s hit single “Players” continues its run, it is only right she taps the originator Busta Rhymes for the official remix featuring Busta Rhymes.

Courtesy of DJ Saige, Busta brings his high-energy flow to the knocking instrumental, which samples his very own 1997 classic “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”.

“Yo Saige, you killing ’em with the blend / Yo Coi be bodying shit no matter how they pretend,” raps Bus. “Clear the block forever knowing my shit hot / Flirting with a nigga while twerking on TikTok / Hurting everything like we working to pitch rock.”

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