Anteloper – “One Living Genus”


Anteloper – “One Living Genus”

When Phil Freeman wrote about Jaimie Branch and Jason Nazar’s Anteloper in his jazz column Ugly Beauty four years ago, he enthused, “Honestly, this music has as much in common with Excepter as it does with jazz, and that’s exactly what makes it great.” Branch plays trumpet, Nazar plays drums, and both of them dabble in synths and effects, building out wild worlds of sound that don’t fit easily into any category.

Since their 2018 debut Kudu and its 2020 follow-up Tour Beats Vol. 1, the duo has added guitar great Jeff Parker (of Tortoise and much more) to the mix. Parker came on board in 2019 to produce the new Anteloper record Pink Dolphins, which is dropping this summer via the great forward-thinking jazz label International Anthem. The band cites both Miles Davis’ Live Evil and Autechre’s Confield as influences for the project, and Branch shared this awesome summary via Bandcamp:

We’re improvisers first and we’re bringing “moment music” into these other zones of hip hop and electronic music, drum-machine music, sound-system culture… Acoustic musicians sun-kissed by electro-magnetism, flowing out into everything. This is the shit that we want to be playing on big ass systems. Omnivorous, energy space time, mosh pit dance-music. Get it in the subwoofers so you can feel it hit, cuz the music has to begin in the body!

Along with today’s announcement of Pink Dolphins, they’re sharing the album’s closing track, a 15-minute journey called “One Living Genus.” Don’t pass up the chance to take this ride.

01 “Inia”
02 “Delfin Rosado”
03 “Earthlings”
04 “Baby Bota Halloceanation”
05 “One Living Genus”

Pink Dolphins is out 6/17 on International Anthem. Pre-order it below.

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