Anxious – “Let Me” (Feat. Fiddlehead’s Pat Flynn)


Anxious – “Let Me” (Feat. Fiddlehead’s Pat Flynn)

As we’ve heard on the procession of singles from their forthcoming debut album Little Green House, Anxious are kind of a hardcore band, kind of a power-pop band, kind of an emo band, kind of a pop-punk band. On the final advance track from the album, they lean hard into their hardcore side.

“Let Me,” which features vocals from Pat Flynn of Fiddlehead and Have Heart, is as urgent and guttural as it is catchy. The song seems to be an exploration of parasitic relationships: “Don’t cry, I’m here now!” goes the opening lyric. “I want to help just say how long until I can finally breathe.” Listen below.

Little Green House is out 1/21 on Run For Cover.

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