Bad History Month – "A Survey Of Cosmic Repulsion"


Bad History Month – "A Survey Of Cosmic Repulsion"

Last month, Boston mainstay Sean Sprecher announced his latest album as Bad History Month, Old Blues, with the rambling and impressive 13-minute single “Waste Not.” Today, he’s back with another song from it, “A Survey Of Cosmic Repulsion,” that has the same galaxy-brain scope and manages to fit into half the time. Sprecher places his always enlightening thoughts in a background of loping guitars and discordant wails that break into something that sounds sweet and mournful.

Sprecher had this to say to FLOOD Magazine about the track:

The title, ‘A Survey of Cosmic Repulsion’, came from a National Geographic that I picked up while spending an odd night in Cincinnati. Musically, the jaunty opening riff started out as a melodic retaliation aimed at an annoying neighbor blasting Grateful Dead jams out their window. And ideologically, the undisputed status of the sayings ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’ and ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ seemed to indicate that I’m not too far removed from the norm when it comes to proximity-induced misanthropy. Conversely, love exists to be shared and all bodies are beautiful.

Listen below.

Old Blues is out 4/24 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.

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