Bad Moves – "End Of Time"


Bad Moves – "End Of Time"

Last month, the Washington, DC band Bad Moves announced their sophomore album, Untenable, with the urgent and bouncy lead single “Party With The Kids Who Want To Party With You.” The planned release date of the album has been pushed back a month — to late June — in order to account for a vinyl production setback, but they’re still rolling out another single today, “End Of Time.”

It’s breezy and sunny as it braces for the possibility of total annihilation. “We’re still having a good time/ Maybe this all ends up fine/ Or maybe it’s the end of time,” the band chimes in the chorus, taking a refreshingly pragmatic approach to the apocalypse. That the band had to resort to a socially distant music video for the song — something they probably didn’t forsee! — maybe gives the latter sentiment a bit more credence, but the track’s sunny optimism makes up for that.

“Even in a time of constant and unending crisis, you still must power through with your life. Take distraction and cheer where you can find it, even if you have the unshakable sense that “maybe it’s the end of time,” the band said in a statement.

Watch and listen below.

Untenable is out 6/26 (digital) and 7/3 (physical) on Don Giovanni Records. Pre-order it here.

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