bar italia – “worlds greatest emoter”

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bar italia – “worlds greatest emoter”


Earlier this year, the idiosyncratic London indie rock trio bar italia made a name for themselves with their debut album Tracey Denim. They haven’t wasted any time in following that LP up. Next week, bar italia will release The Twits, their second full-length of 2023. We’ve already posted the early singles “my little tony” and “Jelsy.” Today, we get one more.

The new song “worlds greatest emoter” is a scuzzy, propulsive bop. The beat has a nice little hip-shaking push-pull working for it, and the different bar italia members trade of craggy, elegantly bored lead vocals. The end result sounds a little like what might’ve happened if Sonic Youth had tried to go in a Madchester direction after they released Goo. Good song! In the video, the bar italia members dress up like old-timey street urchins and wander the countryside. Check it out below.

The Twits is out 11/3 on Matador.

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