Bfb Da Packman Shares Wiz Khalifa Collab "Fun Time": Watch


Bfb Da Packman Shares Wiz Khalifa Collab "Fun Time": Watch

Earlier this summer, rapping mailman Bfb Da Packman did the impossible: He totally steamrolled Sada Baby on a song. The Sada Baby collab “Free Joe Exotic” and its ridiculous video immediately established the Flint-born and Houston-based Packman as a viral star. Once people started digging through his recent videos, we also realized that he’s one of the best rappers working right now — a human tornado of dirty, absurdist, self-deprecating jokes. And now this dude is out here making songs with Wiz Khalifa, a guy who has been to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 more than once.

Packman has just come out with his video for the self-released single “Fun Time,” his first collaboration with a truly famous non-underground rapper. And for the occasion, Packman has not switched up his style at all. “Fun Time” is still hard-splattering Michigan-stye YouTube-rap, and it’s got a video from @Oshotyoufilmz, the same director who’s made all of Packman’s recent videos. It’s exactly as ridiculous as you would hope.

There are many, many quotable Packman lines on “Fun Time.” “I fuck on TikTok, not PornHub, cause I be nutting quick.” “I did a song with Teejayx6, the feds tapped my phone.” “I put a hit on Sada cause this n***a tried to outdance me.” Wiz doesn’t even try to keep up. Check it out below.

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