Black Eyed Peas’ Label Sues Pooping Unicorns Toymaker For $10M

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Black Eyed Peas’ Label Sues Pooping Unicorns Toymaker For $10M


The Black Eyed Peas’ record label is suing the makers of a pooping unicorn toy over the company’s unauthorized parody of “My Humps.” True story!

As Reuters explains, MGA Entertainment, best known for manufacturing Bratz dolls, created Poopsie Slim Surprise, a line of dancing unicorn toys that poop out sparkling slime. In a promotional video published last summer, the unicorns perform a parody of “My Humps” involving lyrics like “Whatchu gonna do with all that poop? All that poop?” and “Gonna get loopy off my poopy!”

BMG Rights Management, Black Eyed Peas’ label and publisher, owns 75% the copyright on “My Humps,” which was a #3 hit for BEP in 2005. BMG is suing MGA over the ad, claiming that the company did not receive permission to use “My Humps” and ignored multiple cease-and-desist orders. They argue that “My Poops” uses similar melodies, lyrics, and chords as “My Humps” and that the singer resembles Fergie.

That much will become immediately evident when you watch below — and come on, is there any way you’re not going to watch?

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