Claire Cronin – “No Forcefield”


Claire Cronin – “No Forcefield”

Last month, Claire Cronin announced a new album called Bloodless. At the time, she also shared the album’s title track. Today, she’s back with another one.

Cronin’s latest preview of Bloodless is called “No Forcefield.” “This song is about feeling lost and trying to read my fate in omens and dreams,” Cronin said in a statement. “It’s about a relationship where both people are depressed. It’s about being afraid of things that might not be real. In this song and in others on the record, I’m trying to communicate personal material in mythic terms. It’s not because I want to be evasive. I feel like the only way I can articulate these feelings, thoughts, and memories is through poetic images.”

Check it out below.

Bloodless is out 11/12 via Orindal Records. Pre-order it here.

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