Cory Hanson – “I Can’t Keep My Eyes Open”

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Cory Hanson – “I Can’t Keep My Eyes Open”


After releasing his album Western Cum in June, Wand’s Cory Hanson returned early this month with new single “Western Cum.” Today the digital single is officially out, so we get to hear the B-side. “I Can’t Keep My Eyes Open” soars ahead with a real sense of purpose, backing its guitar theatrics with breathlessly bashed-out drums and what sounds like a hyperactive tambourine. Like so much of Hanson’s music, it’s catchy, it rocks, and it moves with a majesty rarely heard from 21st century guitar music. What more do you want, people? Listen below.

“Western Cum” b/w “I Can’t Open My Eyes” is out now on Drag City.

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