Dougie Poole – “Beth David Cemetery”

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Dougie Poole – “Beth David Cemetery”


With Dougie Poole nearing the release of new album The Rainbow Wheel Of Death, the esteemed city-bred country troubadour has shared one last teaser single. It’s called “Beth David Cemetery,” and he has this to say about it:

Beth David is the cemetery in Queens where my Mom’s side of the family is buried. I’ve lost a lot of people in the past 10 years or so – not just family, friends too. Maybe that’s just what getting older feels like. Adding names to a list that only gets longer. So I wanted to write a joyful, messy, kinda boozy, kinda hungover song about going to a funeral. I wanted to capture the way a homecoming brings into focus the passage of time, and draws us close to the idea of our own death, but not in an exclusively sorrowful way. Of course there can be a lot of joy in a funeral – in recollection of loved ones who are gone, in being close loved ones who are still around – but also scattered around in the rubble of grief you can occasionally catch a glimmer of how sweet it is to be alive, or how it might feel like to fully evaporate. Doesn’t seem so bad. Everybody’s doin it.

“Joyful, messy, kinda boozy, kinda hungover”? Yeah, that’s the vibe here. Watch Bug Carrasco’s video for the song below.

The Rainbow Wheel Of Death is out 2/24 on Wharf Cat.

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