Eyedress – “A Room Up In The Sky” (Feat. The Marías)

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Eyedress – “A Room Up In The Sky” (Feat. The Marías)


Idris Vicuña, the LA-based bedroom-pop producer who’s better known as Eyedress, has been racking up a very serious list of collaborators in the past few years. Last month, he teamed up with LA indie-poppers the Marías on the smooth, breathy single “Separate Ways.” Today, they’re back together on another new single.

“A Room Up In The Sky,” the new Eyedress single, is a woozy, lovely piece of dream-pop that feels very right-now and very early-’90s at the same time. Eyedress sings lead on this one, while Marías leader María Zardoya sings backup harmonies. Here’s what Eyedress says about the track:

I made “A Room Up In The Sky” with Grammy Award-winning producer John Hill at his studio in Venice earlier this year. It was one of the first instrumentals we made together. I was just showing Mac DeMarco some songs we made for my album that I’ve been working on, and when he heard the instrumental, he gave me an idea of how to sing the melody for my verses. I tried it and ended up loving it. After I tracked my vocals, John asked me if I’d be down to ask María to sing the chorus with me. After we made “Separate Ways,” I asked her, and eventually she sent her vocals. Lyrically, I was talking about how my life changed for the better when I stopped doubting myself and really started believing in myself and my work. I realized I was subscribing to these negative thought patterns that didn’t serve me and allowing myself to let go of that negativity really turned my life around and helped me become who I was meant to be.

Check it out below.

“A Room Up In The Sky” is out now on RCA.

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