Jordana – "I'll Take It Boring"


Jordana – "I'll Take It Boring"

Over the past couple years, the young songwriter Jordana Nye was steadily building up her sound, carving out a sort of bedroom-pop aesthetic for herself. Earlier this year, she re-released her 2019 debut Classical Notions Of Happiness in a remastered/expanded format. Along the way, she shared “Crunch,” one of the new songs added to the album. (It ranked amongst our favorite songs that week.) It boasted a scuzzier, more fleshed-out style, and it was a promising hint of what Jordana might do next.

Today, she’s back with a new single called “I’ll Take It Boring.” Jordana describes it as “a song about my experience at a Halloween party which I regretted attending. It’s a song for all the introverts out there, for all the people who feel like blowing off their weekend plans and staying home.” Nye has once more teamed up with producer MELVV, who was also involved with “Crunch.” And it sounds like Jordana is going to continue chasing that bleary ’90s sound we glimpsed with “Crunch,” though “I’ll Take It Boring” doesn’t feel retro. It’s sort of like a lost indie song filtered through the internet pop of the 21st century.

Check it out below.

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