Katy Perry Accused Of Illegally Buying An Octogenarian’s Property Again

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Katy Perry Accused Of Illegally Buying An Octogenarian’s Property Again


Katy Perry is once again embroiled in a real estate legal battle with an octogenarian.

You might recall her years-long trial involving a group of nuns and a Los Angeles convent, which Perry bought from the Archdiocese around the same time that the nuns tried to sell it to a different buyer. Perry came out on top of that trial, but not before an 89-year-old nun collapsed and died in court.

This time, as Bloomberg Law reports, Perry and her husband Orlando Bloom are involved in a fight over a $15 million home in Santa Barbara, which they purchased from 84-year-old Carl Westcott in 2020. Westcott, an entrepreneur who founded 1-800-Flowers, claims that he was on prescribed painkillers due to a back surgery when he signed the contract to sell the house and, after realizing he was of “unsound mind,” tried to back out of the deal. He sued Perry’s business manager Bernie Gudvi, saying that he could not consent to the contract — executed only 45 days after he purchased the property.

Perry is asking the court for the property, lawyers fees, and almost $6 million dollars to cover the cost of a similar rental and damages for lost revenue that she would have earned. Perry’s lawyers claim that Westcott was “more than rational” during the selling process, and that he was already searching for a new home.

The trial began on Wednesday. Perry might take the stand in the case — she was included on a potential witness list earlier this month.

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