Mark Zuckerberg Is Out Here Wakeboarding To Aesop Rock

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Out Here Wakeboarding To Aesop Rock


We have evidently decided to turn complete control of our society over to semi-human tech-dork freaks who want to fight each other, and everything that we learn about these people just makes them seem even stranger. Up until now, Mark Zuckerberg has always come off as the world’s most basic bitch, and that has extended to his musical tastes: The Offspring, Bloodhound Gang, “Dick In A Box.” In 2012, Zuck got Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong to play at his wedding. So the sight of Zuckerberg wakeboarding to Aesop Rock is pretty strange.

Right now, Mark Zuckerberg is in his thirst-trap MMA-training selfie era, so anything seems possible. Yesterday, regular Aesop collaborator Blockhead posted a social-media video of Zuckerberg flying around on the water — I guess it’s really called “wakesurfing” — with Aesop’s voice clearly audible in the background. Blockhead was just as confused about this as anyone else: “Like he was Bumping it on the boat. Truly surreal.” He’s not wrong.

As it turns out, the song in question is not an Aesop solo song. It’s Evidence’s 2011 track “Late For The Sky,” featuring Aesop Rock and Slug. Pretty good song! Still weird!

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