Max Richter – “Movement, Before All Flowers”

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Max Richter – “Movement, Before All Flowers”


Max Richter has announced a new album, In A Landscape, which will be out in September.

“For me, the music on the record is about connecting or reconciling polarities,” Richter said. “The electronics with the acoustic instruments, the natural world with the human world, and the big ideas of life with the personal and intimate. This is a dynamic I started to explore in my 2004 record The Blue Notebooks, and the new project shares many of that album’s concerns; in a way this record is another look at the themes of the earlier work, but from the perspective of our world and our lives in 2024.” (We just looked back at The Blue Notebooks for its 20th anniversary.)

Check out the new album’s lead single “Movement, Before All Flowers” below.

In A Landscape is out 9/6 via Decca Records. Pre-order it here.

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