Nourished By Time – “Quantum Suicide”

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Nourished By Time – “Quantum Suicide”


Baltimore-born, South London-based indie-pop/R&B singer/songwriter Nourished By Time might be a familiar name if you follow Dry Cleaning; he toured with the UK post-punk collective and even remixed the song “Gary Ashby” on Dry Cleaning’s forthcoming Swampy EP. Additionally, he’s a featured guest on Yaeji’s upcoming album With A Hammer, out on April 7. Now, Nourished By Time is coming out with his debut album, Erotic Probiotic 2, which he recorded in his parents’ basement in Baltimore. Today, he’s released its first single, “Quantum Suicide,” which also comes with a music video.

Here’s what Nourished By Time had to say about his debut LP:

At this time, I was in a beautiful and formative relationship that was running its course. Songs like “Unbreak My Love” and “Rain Water Promise” come from that place of dealing with an ending. A story of lovers parting and making sense of the battling feelings of resentment and longing. As well as the existential aspect of having to end of a relationship. All while with dealing long-time depression, songs like lead single “Quantum Suicide” and “Shed That Fear” exhibit the importance of choosing to live and that getting out of pits of despair requires tremendous amounts of effort and intention and is a very difficult lifelong task. Whilst other tracks such as ‘The Fields’ and ‘Daddy’ and ‘Workers Interlude’ are attempts at trying to aim my anger at productive targets like Capitalism which both songs are a critique of.

Listen to and watch “Quantum Suicide.”

01 “Quantum Suicide”
02 “Shed That Fear”
03 “Daddy”
04 “Interlude”
05 “The Fields”
06 “Rainwater Promise”
07 “Soap Party”
08 “Worker’s Interlude”
09 “Unbreak My Love”

Erotic Probiotic 2 is out 4/21 via Scenic Route.

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