Puscifer – "The Underwhelming"


Puscifer – "The Underwhelming"

Now that the new Tool and A Perfect Circle albums are out of the way, Maynard James Keenan is back to focusing on Puscifer, the one-time bizarre sideshow that now seems like the project he’s most invested in. The first Puscifer album in five years, Existential Reckoning, is set to drop at the end of October — just in time for Halloween, seems about right — and today we’re hearing a new single from it.

“The Underwhelming” finds Keenan indulging in new wave pastiche, blending neon guitar and synth lacerations, theatrical outbursts from backup singer Carina Round, and vocals that strangle his signature commanding howl into an affected whimper. It’s maybe the catchiest pop song I’ve ever heard from a guy best known for ominous philosophical weirdness — funky, squelchy, and darkly playful, with lyrics that reference The Emperor’s New Clothes. After hearing this, the Robert Palmer vibes from this past spring’s “Apocalyptical” video make so much sense. But don’t worry, there are songs on Existential Reckoning called “Grey Area 5.1″ and “Theorem” and “Personal Prometheus” and “Postulous,” so we’re definitely still dealing with Maynard James Keenan here.

Hear “The Underwhelming” below.

01 “Bread And Circus”
02 “Apocalyptical”
03 “The Underwhelming”
04 “Grey Area 5.1″
05 “Theorem”
06 “UPGrade”
07 “Bullet Train To Iowa”
08 “Personal Prometheus”
09 “A Singularity”
10 “Postulous”
11 “Fake Affront”
12 “Bedlamite”

Existential Reckoning is out 10/30. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Tim Cadiente
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