Stream DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ’s Jittery New Remix Album Destextrinum

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Stream DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ’s Jittery New Remix Album Destextrinum


Over the summer, the London producer known as DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ released her album Destiny, an overwhelming four-hour joy-bomb of chopped-up samples and shimmery vibes. Since then, she’s released a few more tracks: “(Livin’ In A) Barbie’s Paradise,” “Fine,” “Say What You Mean.” Today, she’s followed all of them with a hectic, chaotic new release called Destextrinum, which works as a kind of Destiny companion piece.

Destextrinum is a fast, nervous, herky-jerk record that blasts through 22 tracks in 24 minutes. I’m pretty sure that DJ Sabrina is reworking the tracks from Destiny, but the feeling is completely different. Rather than a sweeping, luxurious immersion experience, she’s given us these minute-long bursts of warped melodies and shifting currents. Here’s how she describes the record on Bandcamp:

I priced this the same as the E.Ps cause I want it to *feel* like it’s worth the price of four songs on an E.P. (I don’t know if I think digital music is actually worth any amount of money anymore tho!) and I really did spend a long time polishing and perfecting it… I also released it on streaming as it’s own album as I *feel* it works as a standalone release that kinda ties in with Destiny, although you may feel differently! XD Anyways, I think it’s a lot of fun, especially if you want Destiny-but-not-quite-Destiny, very much inspired by Plexure (obvs), Go Plastic, Chuck person’s Eccojams, etc, it’s almost a remix album but… not? I realized this morning I should have tried a t-shirt with the cover on haha, that would probably look cool! Anyways, I’ve gone on enough, hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for a cheeky November 17th!”

Destextrinum is out now on DJ Sabrina’s own Spells On The Telly label, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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