– “The Killing Womb”

News – “The Killing Womb”

The Boston hardcore band — formerly Vein, though they changed it a couple years back — have announced their sophomore album, This World Is Going To Ruin You, which is out on March 4. It’s their follow-up to their debut Errorzone, which was one of the best hardcore albums of 2018 and landed them on our annual Best New Bands list.

They recorded their new album with Will Putney in New Jersey, and it features guest appearances from Thursday’s Geoff Rickly, Jeromes Dream’s Jeff Smith, and BONES. are kicking off the rollout with the intense lead single “The Killing Womb,” which comes with a Max Moore-directed music video that has a bloody conclusion.

Check it out below.

01 “Welcome Home”
02 “The Killing Womb”
03 “Versus Wyoming”
04 “Fear In Non Fiction”
05 “Lights Out”
06 “Wherever You Are”
07 “Magazine Beach”
08 “Inside Design”
09 “Hellnight”
10 “Orgy In The Morgue”
11 “Wavery”
12 “Funeral Sound”

This World Is Going To Ruin You is out 3/4. Pre-order it here.

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