Why Did The NFL Try To Turn Post Malone Into Rod Serling?

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Why Did The NFL Try To Turn Post Malone Into Rod Serling?


Post Malone might not be the dominant pop star that he was a few years ago, but he’s still famous enough to pop up randomly before a nationally televised NFL game to give a dramatic introduction. Yesterday, Posty appeared on Fox to introduce a Cowboys/Rams game, and for some reason, he was shot and styled like he was Rod Serling introducing a Twilight Zone episode.

Post Malone has a longstanding connection to the NFL and to the Cowboys in particular. When he was a kid, Posty’s family moved from Syracuse to Dallas so that his father could take a job as head of concessions for the Cowboys. Earlier this year, ESPN announced that Post Malone’s song “Something Real” would served as part of the soundtracks for this year’s college football coverage, so I guess he’s got both the collegiate and professional sides of the football audience covered.

Before yesterday’s Cowboys game, Post Malone showed up in a black suit, filmed in black and white, reciting dramatic clichés about endurance or whatever. His song “Don’t Understand” played in the background. Below, enter a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.

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