Young Thug – “From A Man” & Mariah The Scientist – “From A Woman”

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Young Thug – “From A Man” & Mariah The Scientist – “From A Woman”


For about a year and a half, Atlanta rap great Young Thug has been locked up and awaiting trial on the YSL RICO case, and there seems to be no forward momentum on that case. Thug has continued to release music while imprisoned, though it’s presumably just his record label going through his vast trove of unused tracks. This summer, Thug released Business Is Business, an album full of guest-stars. Today, Thug and his girlfriend, the Atlanta R&B singer Mariah The Scientist, have come out with connected singles.

The new Young Thug song — which, to be clear, is almost certainly not new — is called “From A Man.” It’s Thug in reflective mode. The beat is warm and gooey, and Thug’s voice is a melodic creak. His lyrics are all free-association bluster, but he’s mostly talking about improving his station in life.

Mariah The Scientist’s new song “From A Woman” isn’t musically connected to “From A Man,” though Mariah’s cover art works as a flipside to Thug’s. She sings about finding someone she depends on, and she definitely seems to be addressing Thug directly: “Won’t call you Slime ’cause it don’t fit/ I see you as more than this.” Listen to both songs below.

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