Ella Vos Introduces Sophomore LP With "Turbulence"


Ella Vos Introduces Sophomore LP With "Turbulence"

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EDIT: The post has been updated with Ella’s “Turbulence” video. Watch it below.

Ella Vos knows more about life’s ups and downs than most. “The last couple years have been a whirlwind of change for me — becoming a mother, fighting cancer and divorce,” the resilient songwriter reveals in the press release. “By acknowledging that we are constantly in flux and that change is inevitable, we can embrace it instead of resisting.” That life lesson inspired her new single, “Turbulence.” An uplifting and deeply relatable anthem about rolling with the punches, the title track of Ella’s sophomore LP is sure to resonate well beyond her fanbase.

“Praying for some healing, writing on the ceiling,” the LA-based pop artist begins the song. “Trying to fill the missing pieces of my soul.” The futility of that exercise is acknowledged on the chorus. “Give me every high even if it burns, gettin’ into fights everywhere I turn,” Ella belts. “One day you’ll understand, there’s always turbulence.” Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “I’ve learned that turbulence is what I make of it, my greatest fear or my surprising guide,” the Watch & Wait singer explains. Fall in love with “Turbulence” below.

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