FLETCHER Presses Pause On Love On New Single “Forever”


FLETCHER Presses Pause On Love On New Single “Forever”

What do you do when you’ve found The One, but the timing isn’t right? FLETCHER wonders just that on her new single “Forever.” And her solution is… pretty straight forward. What does she recommend? Asking for a raincheck on the perfect romance. “I wanna be young and party. Be dumb and never feel sorry. Become a freak with my body,” she sings as the production builds under her voice. “Think I could love you forever and ever and ever. But don’t think we should be together, together together right now.”

“If I could love you then God I want to. But I think I need to learn to love me first,” she adds. It would be easy to resent that request, but it’s so expertly delivered. This is the sort of brutal honesty that elevated last year’s you ruined new york city for me EP to another level. However, it is nice to see FLETCHER being the one breaking hearts this time around. Maybe 2020 really will be the year of the Heartbreaker instead of the year of the Heartbroken. Hey, you can’t blame us for hoping all things considered.

I’m also praying this is a sign more new music is on the way. After all FLETCHER closed out 2019 with “One Too Many” and has plans to join Niall Horan on tour later this year. What better way to support a live show than with new music. While we wait and see press play on “Forever” and check out the chic accompanying video below.

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