Video: Wiz Khalifa Ft. Girl Talk “Big Daddy Wiz”


Video: Wiz Khalifa Ft. Girl Talk “Big Daddy Wiz”

Who’s your daddy?

Wiz Khalifa’s the host with the most in his new video, “Big Daddy Wiz”.

Over a sample Positive K’s 1992 hit “I Got A Man”, Wiz nestles his cocky raps over Girl Talk’s production. “I’m not your ordinary nigga running around the streets / You’ve gotta have your shit together just to roll with me / I promise, if you spend the night, you ain’t gon’ wanna leave / And if you tell your friend about it, they gon’ wanna see”, he confidently raps.

In the since-released video, directed by Wiz Khalifa and K & Rook, Wiz divides his time wisely from a house party with friends to a quiet movie night at home with his son Sebastian.

“Big Daddy Wiz” is the opening track off Wiz Khalifa’s latest album, Multiverse, which previously released the video for “High Maintenance“.

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