Emma Ruth Rundle – “Staying Power”

The Louisville musician Emma Ruth Rundle makes dark, heavy, beautiful music that doesn’t quite conform to any one particular genre. She’s probably closer to goth or folk than she is to metal, but she’s still plenty comfortable operating within the metal world. Last month, Rundle, for instance, teamed up with members of bands like Mastodon, […]


Watch Paramedics Cover Foo Fighters for Charity

The Foo Fighters’ “Times Like These” has seen a variety of covers from different artists since it released in 2003. And recently, a group from the North West Ambulance Service has taken on the song to raise funds to support the staff and the communities in the northwest region of England. So far, they have […]


Jason Molina – “The Mission’s End”

Jason Molina, the beloved songwriter behind the long-running indie rock projects Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., battled alcoholism for his entire career, and he died of organ failure in 2013, when he was just 39. In his lifetime, Molina was a truly prolific songwriter, and he left behind troves of unreleased material when he […]


Fear Of Men – "Into Strangeness"

We haven’t heard from Fear Of Men since the band released their sophomore album, Fall Forever, back in 2016. That record made our Best Albums Of The Year So Far list when it came out, and in the time since it seems that the band has only become more glowering and precise. Today, they’re releasing […]

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