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The 10 Best MGMT Songs

In retrospect, the fates of indie rock’s Class Of 2008 panned out much stranger than anticipated. At or around the final turn of the 2000s, three bands made the indie-to-major crossover in highly visible fashion: MGMT, Passion Pit, and Chairlift, all coincidentally signed to the same huge hub of Columbia. Following the wispy and gently […]

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The High Llamas – “Sisters Friends” (Feat. Rae Morris)

Next month, Sean O’Hagan’s long-running sophisticated avant-pop project the High Llamas will release the new album Hey Panda. O’Hagan wrote the tracks during lockdown, under the influence of TikTok, and we’ve already posted the title track and “Toriafan.” Now, the High Llamas have shared another single, and it’s a duet with the UK singer-songwriter Rae […]

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