Video: Lil Yachty Ft. J.Cole “The Secret Recipe”

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Video: Lil Yachty Ft. J.Cole “The Secret Recipe”


Cole and Yachty coming for respect.

Lil Yachty connects with J.Cole on his new single, “The Recipe”.

Courtesy of AMD Visuals, the accompanying visual centers Lil Yachty in an empty area showcasing his lyrical prowess on stage. “My doggy lucky on the edge, holding on by a thread / Just like a kite, it wouldn’t cost a price And even if it did it always be right, just like I’m Bob Barker,” he raps before joining Cole in the vacant seating area.

“Niggas fake-progressive and woke, I started saying less,” raps Jermaine. “I had to stop it, peeped how they profit off of racial stress Some activists got so rich, they prolly wish we stay oppressed.”

“The Secret Recipe” follows Yachty’s and JID’s dual release, “Van Gogh” and “Half Doin’ Dope” and Cole’s most recent feature, “There I Go” by Gucci Mane.

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