Benjamin III Unveils The Emotional Landscape Of Self & Society With Wounds

Picture of Benjamin III Wounds

Benjamin III Unveils The Emotional Landscape Of Self & Society With Wounds

Straight out of Johannesburg, the talented musician Benjamin III has recently released his latest EP Wounds. Comprising three mesmerizing tracks, namely the self-titled “Wounds,” alongside “Open” and “Wide,” this South African artist takes inspiration from Kendrick Lamar’s influential album Section.80. Through this transformative musical experience, he compels listeners to delve within themselves, embracing their pain and embarking on a path of healing.

Within the depths of “Open,” Benjamin III searches for significance amidst a myriad of challenges. The artist candidly expresses his personal battles, questioning his faith and describing himself as adrift in the vast expanse of uncertainty. He shares the profound impact of his grandmother’s departure, vividly depicting his grief and sense of isolation. Through this track, he portrays his relentless struggle against inner demons and societal pressures, while pleading for divine intervention and yearning for a greater purpose to guide him.

Unveiling yet another vulnerable moment, “Wide” delves deeper into the central theme of Benjamin’s EP. In this introspective track, the singer experiences a revelation: the source of his wounds resides within himself, rather than being imposed by external forces. He emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and owning up to his own mistakes, earnestly exploring his longing for healing and the intricate journey it entails.

The opening track addresses faith and the human struggle. Benjamin III embarks on a desperate quest, seeking a lost soul. He vulnerably exposes his own fragility, craving empathy and companionship. While the chorus serves as a reminder of enduring emotional scars, in the rap verse, he confronts societal issues, shedding light on the wounds carried by his generation and emphasizing the significance of introspection.

Imbued with the influence of musical legends like Michael Jackson, Miriam Makeba, Lauryn Hill, Fela Kuti, Tupac Shakur, and Kendrick Lamar, Benjamin’s artistic endeavors surpass mere song creation. Through powerful tracks like “Open,” “Wounds,” and “Wide,” he stands poised to realize his ambitions and make an indelible mark.

Listen to the EP below:

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