Saucy Santana – “1-800-Bad-Bxtch”

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Saucy Santana – “1-800-Bad-Bxtch”


The Florida rapper Saucy Santana rode a City Girls association to become a reality-TV sensation, and then he rode that to glamorous rap stardom. At this point, every new Saucy Santana single feels like some kind of event. This morning, Saucy released the new track “1-800-Bad-Bxtch,” his first since “Bop Bop” came out back in November.

You might have noticed that “1-800-Bad-Bxtch” is not a functional telephone number. That’s not a mistake. In the skit that Saucy Santana shared to hype up the song’s release, we learn that this is merely what you tell anyone broke who is trying to get your phone number. The song itself has propulsive City Girls energy, and it’s a lot of fun. The hard, bounce-heavy beat was produced by Rocco Did It Again! and… um. Hmm. Says here “Dr. Luke.” Well, that’s not great. But that’s also the production team behind Saweetie and Doja Cat’s “Best Friend,” so they do know what they’re doing.

Here’s director Jake Wilson’s “1-800-Bad-Bxtch” video, with Saucy Santana as a telemarketer:

And here’s the skit that set up the song:

“1-800-Bad-Bxtch” is out now on RCA.

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