The Staves – “You Held It All”

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The Staves – “You Held It All”


In early 2021, fantastic folk-rock sisters the Staves released Good Woman, the last thing Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor recorded with their sister and bandmate Emily Staveley-Taylor before she stepped away to focus on motherhood. Today the UK band has returned with their first new song since then, their debut as a duo. It’s called “You Held It All,” and they recorded it in Los Angeles with Good Woman producer John Congleton, he of the endless indie rock C.V.

“You Held It All” begins with a percolating keyboard and bated breath. Soon the Stavely-Taylors are unleashing their trademark vocal harmonies as the music behind them builds and builds, letting pressure accumulate until beauty overflows — fitting for a song about bottling up your feelings until they explode. “You held it all,” they sing, “and you did not let it go.” In a press release, the band writes, “‘You Held It All’ is a song about understanding, and the knots we tie ourselves in when we don’t express our truth; and how much power and freedom there can be when we do.”

Listen below.

“You Held It All” is out now on Nonesuch.

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