OK Cool – “nissanweekends”

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OK Cool – “nissanweekends”


Chicago indie duo Bridget Stiebris and Haley Blomquist — otherwise known as OK Cool — are planning to release an eight-song EP called fawn at the end of April. Last month, along with the EP news, OK Cool shared lead single “normal c,” and now we get to hear the distortion-heavy, charmingly offbeat “nissanweekends,” which has a cool stop-motion animated video created by Joe Baughman.

“‘Nissanweekends’ was written about the monotony of work and the stress that comes with balancing your time around it,” Haley Blomquist says of the track. “It can feel like a waste of time to not be productive when there’s so many plates I’m trying to balance at once, ultimately making it hard to ever relax without feeling like ‘if I lay down, the earth will open up and leave me.’”

Baughman adds of the video: “One of the many things I enjoy about making music videos is grabbing inspiration from a song and creating a little world from it. The final phrase of the song, ‘If I lay down the world will open up and leave me’ especially resonated with me, so I tried to create a representation of the worst case scenario fears that I have about exiting an ecosystem that seemingly depends on me. I spend a lot of time with my sets and characters whenever I make a video, and this was a very fun environment to live in for a few months.”

Watch and listen below.

The fawn EP is out 4/28 on Take A Hike.

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